Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eyeclops Bionic Eye SE

Product Features

* Magnify up to 200x
* Smaller, sleeker design
* The Bionic Eye series has won multiple awards
* Easy to use
* Plug N Play Technology

Product Description
From the Manufacturer
Get up close and personal with almost anything. The Bionic Eye SE plugs directly into your Television, so you can see what things really look like at intense magnifications.

Product Description
Plug into any TV to turn it into a microcosm of eye-popping wonder! Everyday objects look amazing at 200x magnification. Salt looks like blocks of ice! Hair looks like twisted rope! Your own skin looks like something out of a science fiction movie!

I bought this bionic eye at its full price $40 last year, that was after I almost paid $400 for a similar system at LA science museum. I think it well worth it if you plan to introduce some basic science knowledge to your kids at home.

Having that said, as the other reviewer also noted, my 4 years old showed little interest. It's tricky to focus and hold the sensor steadily so that you have a meaningful image on the TV screen.

They know have a second generation item which comes with its own LCD display. I bought that too, immediately, but it still sat in the box after about a year. I am still waiting for my child to develop interests and curiosity in exploring unknowns.

At today's sale price of $5, it definitely worth every penny. I am going to buy a few to donate to daycares in the area.

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